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BlackBerry May Have Failed...Except in Indonesia
By: Cindy Wendland
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BlackBerry used to be the phone when cell phones branched out to include services other than simple calling. The early users became so hooked on checking their email on their phones anytime, anywhere that the phone was nicknamed the CrackBerry. You won’t find many people using BlackBerry phones any longer — except in Indonesia — because they are not competitive. According to the experts, they didn’t “pivot."

Pivoting is shifting the business focus of a company. It’s how successful companies adapt to market changes, customer changes, and stay alive and thrive. BlackBerry didn’t pivot; at least, they didn’t choose the correct adaptations to stay competitive. They tried to satisfy both corporate and consumer customers who wanted entirely different things on their smartphones. As a result, they satisfied neither. Apple and Google correctly predicted that the smartphone market would be driven by consumers and worked to satisfy them.

BlackBerry is a dominant player in the Indonesia market. They did learn a lesson from the past — to focus on the customer — with their new BlackBerry Z3, Jakarta Edition. This low-cost smartphone was developed solely for the Indonesia market. It has local apps and content built in.

It would appear that BlackBerry is focusing on increasing market share where they already have a strong position. The success in Indonesia will allow them to build up their company while they determine the right offering for customers in other markets. Former BlackBerry users don’t have much allegiance to the brand anymore. It will have to take innovative features to recapture market share again.

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About the Author
Cindy Wendland has a background in marketing and finance. She is the creative director for an online men's health magazine, BrainBrawnBody.com, and she gets to write their leisure/travel blog. She is also a web designer helping her clients with online community engagement, websitesbywendland.com. Prior to her web years, she worked in pharmacy consulting.
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