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Dark Lord Day: Word of Mouth Reaching Taste Buds around the Country
By: Ashley Linn
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Some of the most memorable times of my mid-twenties were spent sitting with my friends and drinking craft beer at the local breweries. Living around the Chicago and Northwest Indiana area has helped me embrace many different types of these restaurants. There is one in particular that I always head back to. Three Floyds Brewery has been crafting beer and creating distinctive food items since 1996.
This alternative/metal style brewery designs new and delectable food items for their menu every season. Their Gumball Head wheat beer and many other brews are distributed among many local bars in the area. This brewery has definitely developed their reputation and impression-making style. Three Floyd’s exclusive nature is what has made this company’s brand a success. As I mentioned, there’s an exclusive element; enthusiasts of this brewery know I am talking about their beer festival, “Dark Lord Day.”
Dark Lord Day has a unique goal compared to other beer festivals. Yes, it is meant to attract beer enthusiasts and music lovers. However, the heart of the festival lies in its name. Dark Lord is also the name of one of the finest craft beers at Three Floyds. It is a Russian Imperial Stout that is brewed and distributed once a year. Three Floyds decided to make this beer so exclusive that they turned the distribution date into a festival.
Over 6,000 people attended this event last year to wait in line for over two hours to receive a bottle of this unique stout. This year’s event is coming up on April 26, and tickets are sold out! 
While eating at the restaurant one day, I spoke with the manager on duty about how they market their products and what they do to produce this successful festival. He told me all marketing, promotions, and social media were done in-house and by word of mouth.
This seems pretty standard and simple. In the marketing world, word can travel fast as light when you have a well-established style and a unique-tasting beer that screams “Three Floyds” when it hits your taste buds. This brewery has a creative and exclusive business model that always has fans craving more. Keep it up, Three Floyds! We can’t wait to see what is next! 

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About the Author
Ashley Linn is a graduate of Northern Illinois University who studied Communications and Marketing. Shortly after graduating, Ashley stumbled onto the Chicago entertainment scene by marketing for comedy clubs and an event-planning company. The interesting characters she has met have only encouraged her writing and make her excited to see what is next for her in her career.
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