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HitRECord.org Sets Positive Trend for Aspiring Artists
By: Ashley Linn
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With so many A-list celebrities tossing around their brands on a daily basis, it's hard to decide which ones to trust. Watching the 2014 Oscars made me realize how disconnected I am from ALL of these celebrities, so why should I connect with their product? It is going to take a lot more than eating a slice of pizza at the Oscars on national television to convince me. Lots of these brands have their own style, quality, and fun to them I will admit, but how does somebody trying to break in to the entertainment and marketing industry (like myself) get the chance to express themselves creatively?  One brand that was refreshing to me was a web-based production company created by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

In January of 2010, Joseph Gordon-Levitt made an announcement that would offer every aspiring artist the opportunity to post and collaborate their creative work on his production website, HitRECord.org. The announcement was broadcast through a casual web video "The New Deal" (like much of his other content on the site). This video gave promise and hope to whoever uploaded content that it would have the potential to be considered for professional Hollywood production. With the input and ideas of many talented and creative minds it has become a success. Over ten thousand people participate in the site and it continues to expand today. To me, this shows character and good use of his creative pull from being in the entertainment industry for 20 years.

When you enter the website, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s welcoming yet goofy facial expression appears and it is surrounded by abstract and colorful characters. This image insists he is the center and heart of the community of HitRECord, and stands by the fact that all creativity is nourished and approached on the site. This specific audience-inspired business model that Gordon-Levitt constructed has broken the barrier between aspiring artists with creative touch and limited connections to the corporate unreachable world of Hollywood.

This company contains many positive aspects to a brand that I look for. It contains an open community containing all forms of communication, a knowledgeable and enthusiastic owner who takes constant participation with the company, and an endless amount of entertainment for the nation to enjoy. The only requirement to have this experience is an Internet connection.

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About the Author
Ashley Linn is a graduate of Northern Illinois University who studied Communications and Marketing. Shortly after graduating, Ashley stumbled onto the Chicago entertainment scene by marketing for comedy clubs and an event-planning company. The interesting characters she has met have only encouraged her writing and make her excited to see what is next for her in her career.
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