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A True Rebrand or Does the Wendy's Brand Stand?
By: Jessica MacKenzie
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Rebranding can be a very exciting time for a company; however, it can also be a frightening transition to let go of the existing brand and adopt a whole new look. In a sea of competitors that have all embraced a new look and continue improving their logos and storefronts to be more modern, Wendy’s was late to the party in terms of their rebranding initiative. Although the company introduced many new menu items, including health-friendly options, wraps, and "gourmet" sandwiches and burgers, the company still had that old-fashioned look. After 29 years of using the same logo, it was time for a change.
Wendy’s hyped everyone up a brand transformation that ended up being more of a small brand evolution. Though key competitors have found success in embracing completely new and modern looks, Wendy’s did not want to abandon the look that got the company where it is today. See the transformation of the Wendy’s brand over the years here.
It’s clear that Wendy’s is loyal to its own brand and hopes to keep elements of the original brand instead of adopting an entirely new look. While the company has used a more modernized font, Wendy herself has not changed much, and continues to be the face of the brand. In the grand scheme of things, this wasn’t so much of a "transformation" as the company had promised, just more of a way to appear more modern in the eyes of the consumer.
But do consumers love the fact that Wendy’s has remained so true to its brand over the years? According to hightopinvestments.com, Wendy’s was simply looking to hoping to, “appeal to modern consumers who are turning more and more to casual burger restaurants in lieu of traditional fast food.” A simple approach involving a logo change and a cleaned-up storefront appearance without trying to do a complete brand overhaul may have just done the trick for Wendy’s. They may have been behind the curve in terms of rebranding, but overall, the "minimalist" approach to the rebrand seems to have worked.

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Jessica MacKenzie is an Advertising Account Executive with five years of experience. She graduated from the University of Georiga with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism with a concentration in Advertising. 
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