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Will Global Brand Ambassador Scarlett Johansson Help Sodastream?
By: Cindy Wendland
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With half a million Facebook fans and 26,000 Twitter followers, Sodastream introduced their new global brand ambassador Scarlett Johansson. The new commercial, “Sorry Coke and Pepsi”, shows how Sodastream can save the world with a soda that has less sugar and less bottles. Sodastream allows you to make your own soda, or more accurately, allows you to carbonate water. Flavors can then be added and, voila, you have soda.

In the commercial, Johansson says she wants to change the world and make the message go viral. The YouTube video has over 11 million views. According to YouTube Weblebrity Kevin Nalty, a video has gone viral now if it gets more than five million views in a 3–7 day period. Scarlett, you did it!

Her association with the product has already garnered attention for the brand, some good and some bad. Sodastream is owned by an Israeli company and has a factory on the West Bank. You can read references about that elsewhere with one notable from NY News. The good publicity Johansson brings to the brand is her superstar status. As an ambassador, she is meant to embody the corporate identity. Sodastream is interested in the environment and sustainability and that is something Johansson also supports. She made the video go viral, and Sodastream is hoping she will make sales go through the roof too.

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