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I Like It A Latte
By: Jessica MacKenzie
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Wake up. Hit snooze button. Wake up again nine minutes later. Brush teeth. Get dressed. Get in the car. Scream at jerk in traffic. Take a sip of Starbucks Double Espresso, and suddenly all is right in the world.

Everyone’s day starts out in a fairly similar format. We simply can’t start our day without our coffee. Or make it through our workday. Or finish our meals. As a nation, we have an unequivocal love affair with coffee. Not only do we love the aroma, the taste, and the energy-boosting side effects, we love the experience of coffee. It gives us a chance to escape from our hectic day; to relax and unwind and enjoy our surroundings and each other’s company.

Coffee is a lifestyle for many, and although consumers can purchase the product at virtually any corner across the U.S., many seek the coffee experience. Coffee shops have popped up in towns to provide consumers with a place to meet with friends, study, work, etc. With the coffee shop uprise across America, it is critical for companies to make their company’s experience different from the rest. The forerunner in embracing the concept of the coffee experience is undoubtedly Starbucks. But what sets this brand apart from any other coffee shop?

Starbucks has taken the steps to not only embrace the concept of the coffee experience, but to actually enhance it, creating a brand that is a favorite among all coffee lovers. Outside of the regular coffee shop product offering (ie: coffees, teas, breakfast items), Starbucks has raised the bar and is striving to become an all-encompassing experience by offering a lunch/dinner menu and even beer and wine at some locations. The menu also boasts an "Under 500 Calorie" selection, targeting those health-conscious consumers. Starbucks has reached out to anyone and everyone and has invited them to tap into this coffee — or really Starbucks — experience.

This transcendental thinking has taken Starbucks from just another coffee shop to a brand that really connects with consumers. It has created a brand that consumers love, and an experience unmatched by any other coffee shop out there. So to the coffee enthusiast, It’s not just getting a cup coffee. It’s going to Starbucks.

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About the Author
Jessica MacKenzie is an Advertising Account Executive with five years of experience. She graduated from the University of Georiga with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism with a concentration in Advertising. 
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