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Sprint Makes Everyone LOL
By: Jessica MacKenzie
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AT&T is a well-respected brand that, according to toptenreviews.com, holds the number two position among cell phone providers in the world. The company has strong brand equity and strives to lock down that top spot on the list. Most would say that AT&T is doing a great job positioning their brand with their new “It’s Not Complicated” ad campaign, which should only aid in the company’s quest to be the number one cell phone provider. And who wouldn’t agree? Unfortunately, a looked-over important demographic just might. When boiled down, the campaign really only appeals to an older demographic. Children and teens, who are now commonly seen glued to their cell phones, are a specific demographic that cell phone/wireless providers should strongly consider speaking to. AT&T has missed the mark in appealing to this younger generation, which has left this window wide open for one provider, in particular.
Though AT&T has created a brilliant campaign, using unscripted spots featuring an interviewer and several young children to sell their product, Sprint has blown AT&T out of the water in their messaging with the recent “Everything’s Important” campaign. The ads feature James Earl Jones (known for being the voice of Darth Vader in Star Wars) and Malcolm McDowell (a respected British actor known for villainous roles and nominated for several awards over the years). The two actors perform a dramatic reading of frivolous text messaging conversations and social media posts which has everyone laughing.
This campaign has been extremely successful due to the fact that Sprint has appealed to all demographics. The younger generation can identify with the silliness of the text messaging and posts. They can immediately understand the jargon, while the older generation finds the campaign particularly amusing with the actors they loved growing up performing a tongue-in-cheek reading of the banter of the younger generation.
Sprint absolutely hit the ball out of the park with this campaign. By targeting consumers both young and old, the company gives everyone something to enjoy with its “Everything’s Important” campaign. Does this give AT&T a reason to watch its back in the marketplace? IMO, Totes McGotes.

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About the Author
Jessica MacKenzie is an Advertising Account Executive with five years of experience. She graduated from the University of Georiga with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism with a concentration in Advertising. 
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