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Jamba Juice is Relevant...and Also Not
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Relevancy is a big branding topic. With the change of years and decades, customers' wants and needs change as well. So brands need to ensure that their products, although maybe once successful, are evolving with customers for continued success. Sometimes it’s more than just relevant products; sometimes relevancy has to do with customer lifestyle. Maybe the product is still relevant, but the way it’s delivered just doesn’t work anymore. It’s not uncommon for brands to evolve more than just products and really transform the way they do business.

Think about the fast-casual food category. It’s essentially faster food, but in an environment that feels a bit more upscale. That’s relevancy at its best. Now think about the juicing craze. Absolutely relevant in today’s market, so brands like Jamba Juice should be riding the high wave. Well, not exactly. The product seems to resonate with customers, but now they want something a little bit different. Jamba Juice used to be the known smoothie option, but today consumers can go to any fast-food location and Mom & Pop to get their fix. Then there’s the home juicing conversation. So, yeah, Jamba Juice has started thinking about relevancy, but for various aspects of the brand.

Jamba Juice is losing money in its locations. It’s not necessarily that its product isn’t relevant anymore, it’s just that the landscape for smoothies and juices has changed. But the brand isn’t giving in. Instead, it’s refreshing what it does and providing customers with a new option that lowers overhead costs yet still sells smoothies. With “JambaGo,” the brand is introducing a self-serving machine that can be placed in various locations like schools and convenience stores. So it provides customers with the opportunity to quickly get a Jamba Juice fix without having to visit the location. And for the brand, it’s a win-win too. Smoothies are still selling, yet the brand doesn’t have to pay location or employee costs since the machine is completely self-serve. It's like a new type of relevancy.

It’s important for brands to make sure they are consistently evaluating not only products and services, but the full brand model for success. Many times what was successful just a few short years ago becomes outdated and useless because customers have moved on. But with a little innovation, a lot of research, and an updated concept, brands can continue to succeed for years to come.

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