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Soda Faces the Diabetes Crisis
By: Janet Kalandranis
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This shouldn’t be surprising, but apparently it’s new news. Maybe because there is now more info and more research, but the outcome is still the same. The Type-2 diabetes concern is growing and now brands are suffering from the outcome. Those brands that ignored that this could have happened years ago were really avoiding the inevitable. Diabetes is not a new conversation and its being linked to an abundance of sugar is widely known. So brands, soda brands, needed to be prepared. Of course they were more focused on the obesity epidemic topic, but it should have been obvious that diabetes would be the next disease added to the list. Let’s be honest; soda brands have been working hard to turn around perception, with new campaigns and ideas to talk about healthy lifestyles and moderation. It’s not like they turned their backs and ignored the situation. No, they took it head on — they had to. But it seems that the newer diabetes conversation is placing soda brands back in a place they worked so hard to dig out of. So now what?

There’s new news in the diabetes world that says 90% of doctors link the disease to sugar. It’s a little more in-your-face and soda brands are going to feel a pull. Customers pulling back from the brands and choosing other drink options besides the sugar-laden beverages. So where do soda brands go from here? Do they diversify and create new beverages that are more relevant to these health concerns or do they continue to push the healthy, balanced lifestyle and hope sales don’t dip too much? Apparently, the diabetes conversation is more of a concern to consumers. They are less likely to attribute the entire obesity epidemic to brands, but diabetes is a different story. So at this point soda brands have no choice. They can’t fight, but they must innovate.

It’s never easy for any brand category to feel as though they’ve hit the end. And maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but this conversation around health and sugary sodas is not ending soon. Soda brands are being forced to change and they need to listen. For the health of consumers and the health of their own brands. Not an easy challenge, but one that needs to made a priority for future success.

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