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One-Hour Delivery via eBay — for Real
By: Janet Kalandranis
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There are never enough hours in the day. Never. But that’s okay, because eBay is helping everyone put more time back on the clock and running those errands that really eat into accomplishing that to-do list. Just in time for the busiest time of year, eBay has launched its eBay Now service, which is currently available in a handful of U.S. cities.

The concept? Customers can order products and have them delivered within an hour to their location. WITHIN AN HOUR. This is epic. No other brand is promising one-hour delivery because it is quite impossible. But eBay Now has figured out a solution. In major cities the brand is using bikes as the delivery mechanism and biker is stopping to make the needed purchase. It’s like everyone has their own helping hand, running their errands and making their lives just a bit easier. And the cost? Pretty minimal at $5 for the service. It’s pretty definite that $5 is worth having someone deliver a last-minute item straight to a customer’s location. Just when it seemed like online purchases and online superstores like ebay were at the end of figuring out the next level, one-hour delivery is introduced. 

It’s tough for online retailers to separate themselves. Between eBay and Amazon, what is left to really force a customer to choose one brand over another? Is it price, product selection, or ease of use? It seems that all these brands have spent the past decade creating a level playing field and now it all seems to be the same for the customer. So maybe they go with what they know because there’s no huge difference between brands. But eBay Now is providing a difference — a true capability that other online retailers aren’t offering yet. It also brings eBay to life. With one-hour delivery the customer is now able to receive almost instant gratification on a purchase and visually see the delivery process happen within 60 minutes. Need a gift for tonight’s birthday party or some cosmetics for a business trip tomorrow? Now it’s easier and off the customer’s mind — eBay Now is doing all the heavy lifting.

It’s part amazing and part expected that eBay could pull off something this “ah-ha!” There’s a whole logistical portion that needs to play out like clockwork and it has to be a success every time. But eBay Now isn’t scared of these challenges, and instead is embracing them with the hopes of success. And with a personal service like this, customers are sure to test it out.

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