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Pushing Yogurt Past Breakfast
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Sometimes products get stuck in a rut. Just like any person, they serve the same purpose day in and day out and customers see them for only what they’ve known. So it can be hard to break those boundaries and get out of that rut and push the product into new areas. This is something that many successful brands have struggled with and it can take years to transition a product from single use to multi-purpose. But it’s important that the brand tries, because numerous purposes give brands more chance at success and various avenues to play in.

Chobani is one of these brands. This is the little brand that could that really transformed the yogurt market. It was the brand that helped customers make the transition from regular yogurt to Greek yogurt and no one has looked back since. Other brands have been forced to follow. Chobani overhauled the way a customer wants their yogurt and all brands had to comply. So Chobani is no longer the sole choice of Greek yogurt, with every brand having an option in this category. But Chobani isn’t worried, because it’s got the next step covered — moving out of breakfast and into the rest of the day.

Chobani’s first goal to success was manufacturing the product and getting it sold. The new goal is marketing the brand — the more fun part. And Chobani is taking this project seriously. The brand’s goal is to expand customers' thoughts of yogurt and open their eyes to the potential they have with Chobani. In addition to their morning treat or afternoon snack, Chobani wants customers to see its yogurt as an ingredient. So the brand is pushing recipes and originality and really creating content that brings Chobani to the next level; one where it infiltrates each and every meal of each and every day. Smart move for Chobani. What was once thought to only be a breakfast product can now expand into the full day. That means more success.

It’s not easy to transition a product from single use to multi-purpose, but it’s even harder to convince customers of this. Chobani has realized this is a step-by-step process. There are certain building blocks that need to be achieved in order to move to the next goal. This is smart. By succeeding in each level, Chobani is able to bring that knowledge and success into its next goal. So don’t just jump headfirst into a pool of possibilities, but instead make a plan and achieve one goal at a time. It’s the Chobani way and so far it’s proved to be a success.

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