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Sometimes Free Coffee is More than Free Coffee
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Today is free coffee day at Dunkin’ Donuts in the New England area in support of the 2013 World Series Champs: the Boston Red Sox, of course. It’s free coffee; so what, right? Well, not exactly. Sometimes a promotion or initiative is about more than driving customers into stores. Sometimes it’s about being part of something bigger. Being part of a community that is tied to the roots of the brand. That’s what Dunkin’ Donuts' free cup of coffee includes today.

The Boston Red Sox winning the World Series was more than just a sporting event to this community. To fans and followers, it was a showing of just how strong a community could be after disaster struck at its marathon in April. So winning had more meaning this year — to the athletes, to the residents, and to the brands who are New England staples, like Dunkin’ Donuts. Sure, many brands could have capitalized on the excitement of winning and the celebration that locals want to last for days. But for Dunkin’ Donuts, participating meant a bit more. It hit a little closer to home.

Dunkin’ Donuts is not just ANY coffee shop in New England. Dunkin’ is the preferred New England brand, as the company is a local. Residents will forever support this brand with an abundance of locations and the coffee they crave. The brand is also known for promotion after promotion supporting each of the local New England sports teams. So, yeah, this coffee is much more than a morning wake-up. Dunkin’ knows its customers. It knows what they went through back in April and it knows what winning the World Series meant last week. Why? Because the brand is part of the community. It went through the same feelings and the same emotions, and now it’s time to celebrate. With coffee for all, they're bringing a community together; one that the brand participates in and has helped to grow.

Sometimes a free cup of coffee is much more than a beverage to drive sales. Sure, Dunkin’ will probably see an overabundance of customers today, but the true power lies in how the brand sees its place in the community. It lives the highs and the lows with its neighbors and it is the coffee brand that will be there to support. So New Englanders, go grab a cup and remember that some brands take their responsibility as a part of a community oh so seriously. Drink up!

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