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A Real Re-Do of the In-flight Safety Message
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Truth: No one listens to the safety message on a flight. It’s just so boring and corporatey and no one can really follow the crazy instructions. So instead passengers are powering down, finding their snacks, or taking a snooze. Let’s be honest; the safety message is like listening to morning announcements in elementary school. Many companies have tried to switch it up using videos with employees from all over the world or allowing attendants to put their own personal spin on the segment, but at the end of the day, it’s pretty much ignored. Not safe for passengers and not exactly the response airline brands want. So Virgin America did a whole re-do. Like, really took the time to wow passengers and give them the unexpected at a point when they thought they’d seen it all. It’s hilarious, it’s funny, and it makes people watch. That’s kinda the point. To create something that forces customers to listen even when they know the message inside and out. Virgin America wins.

When Virgin America decided to put itself out there, it wasn’t joking. The brand created a new safety message video that is unlike any airline material out there. Sorry, JetBlue, but Virgin America wins this game. Complete with actors/actresses, dancers, and singers, this video forces any passenger to watch and quite simply smile. This is a bit out of character for Virgin America as a brand, but it’s exactly what the brand needs in order to showcase that it can be different. And not different just for different’s sake, but different so the brand is being talked about again and it becomes more relevant to some newer customers. Watch the video; just watch it. It leaves customers talking and discussing and potentially reminding them to book on Virgin America the next time they fly.

It’s really difficult to do something so different and new that customers notice. Brands don’t want to go so overboard that it gets overlooked, yet doing something just a tad different doesn’t seem to move the needle anymore. So any brand that can figure out the perfect solution for getting customers to talk about them deserves some praise. It’s always a risk, but when done right it produces some positive noise and a brand wins. You win, Virgin America.

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