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Oral-B & Halloween: A Funny Story
By: Janet Kalandranis
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What’s the number one rule in advertising? Kids and puppies, of course. It’s an age-old rule that anything with one of these will ultimately win over the consumer. A bit outdated, but sometimes it still tends to be true, when a brand can so perfectly capture the essence of children and have them prove a point better than any piece of copy or any grown-up actor. Kids are real and genuine and that’s what consumers want from brands; something that is so unique and honest that it just makes sense. The latest brand to feature kids and tie in the Halloween holiday is Oral-B, a brand that pretty much dislikes Halloween treats and is continuously trying to push its healthy oral hygiene message.

Well, this year the brand decided it was time for something new, something a little more real, and something that would get the message across. The answer: give kids candy made of real healthy things. The result: the most hilarious Halloween video to date.

Oral-B has turned the corner. They aren’t going to fight the Halloween candy this year, but instead make a joke about it — and then ask kids to clean up their teeth after. Instead of messaging and stats, Oral-B created a video with real kids, giving them real candy. Like vegetable candy, stuff no kid can get behind while wearing a Halloween costume. But the kid reaction is hilarious and lets Oral-B have some fun while ultimately knowing kids and parents are going to indulge. Indulge away, as long as there’s the opportunity to clean up those teeth at the end. That’s it; a short and sweet Halloween message from Oral-B.

Everyone likes funny, and everyone loves funny with kids. Sometimes the focus needs to be less on that specific wording and more about what emotions a piece of content will evoke. Oral-B now has viral success and a short, funny video to add to its list. No, it may not sell more toothbrushes, but it puts the brand on top of dental hygiene in a way that no other toothbrush brand has accomplished. So good job, Oral-B. Way to step out of your own way and make a whole bunch of generations laugh a little. Happy Halloween.

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