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Cars for Sale at Enterprise Rental
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Enterprise car rental is a very successful brand. In addition to being one of the top car rental players this brand is known for its employee training and leadership program. The brand places customer service as a top priority and pushes its employees to take their careers to the next level. This brand is living the brand dream, and now it has more to celebrate: an idea that not only makes sense for additional dollars, but also seems like an easy transition for customers to understand.

Car sales. That’s right, Enterprise has entered into a new aspect of the car industry and its idea is quite brilliant. Enterprise is taking its car rental knowledge and pushing it towards car sales while removing the middleman for customers. No one likes a middleman so it’s kinda a win-win for everyone. Enterprise has the opportunity to make additional dollars by selling its used cars and customers get the benefit of a known and trusted car partner to help them purchase a vehicle. It’s brand smiles for this idea.

So how is this working? Is Enterprise simply selling the duds to customers instead of selling them for parts or to car dealers? Not exactly. Enterprise has decided to expand its car knowledge and offerings by providing customers with the opportunity to buy older cars that Enterprise doesn’t allow for rental. These cars aren’t 10 years old, but instead more like toddlers that just aren’t qualified to be in the rental set. Now Enterprise is offering allowing customers to buy these cars with a 12-month warranty and a customer service experience that is top notch. It’s genius. It’s the perfect example of a brand expanding while still remaining relevant and believable to the customer. Enterprise is already a trusted car expert and those consistent customers should have no problem jumping over the rental fence and using Enterprise as their car sales location as well.

Don’t think Enterprise just landed in this new car rental idea. Not at all. It’s completely thought out and the brand has a positive long-standing history that makes this kind of brand expansion possible. In order for a brand to see success in different aspects of its category, it has to prove its success in the current state. Enterprise definitely does. It’s the brand known for making the process easy and seamless for the customer, and those are the attributes customers will expect in the car sales portion as well. Sure, it will take some time for the new venture to get up and running, but when it does the Enterprise of today will be much different than the brand it becomes in the future.

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