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Bacon’s Going Back to Its Roots
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Brands are consistently updating their marketing messages to ensure they are relevant to customers. There is no brand that has used the same message for decades and received high levels of success. It’s essentially impossible. Things change, people change, the world changes. And all of these changes affect what and how brands go to market. That’s why there is a constant conversation around relevancy, and brands are consistently identifying new ways to reach their audience. It’s like as soon as they have figured out the plan, things change and they are back at it again.

Want an example? Bacon. Yup, bacon. A long-standing Oscar Mayer product that has gone through decades of change as a product and in the way it is positioned to consumers. It seems that the product has come full circle because what worked in the 1920s for this product also seems to be resonating with customers today.

Remember the fat-free, no-fat craze? Everyone does. It was the point in time when products entered into the marketplace that boasted zero fat, yet gave customers the ability to enjoy “healthy” options. Poor bacon. During these years Oscar Mayer reinvented its bacon product and positioning with the lean-bacon option. It was a way for the brand to stay relevant and for the product to continue on a successful path.

Well, fast-forward to today and things have happily changed. Customers want real ingredients and real foods and understand that fat helps bacon taste good. No one is saying to eat bacon every day, but when customers want it, they want the real thing. So Oscar Mayer is back to more of its original product with bacon showcasing the layer of fat and the positioning being completely real. Oscar Mayer has had to change what it says and what its bacon looks like, but in the end it’s always to attract the customer.

No brand is the exception. All products will go through a time of change and it’s important for each to remember its number one goal. Be relevant for the customer. Sure, many times the trends or fads won’t make sense, but brands need to be smart enough to figure out a way to make them work for the brand. Maybe it’s as easy as using an opposite message or maybe a product needs to be completely revamped. Whatever the solution, one thing is for sure; change is good and brands that accept and reinvent are those that have a chance at future success.

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