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Millennials & Their Brand Thoughts
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Guess what? The millennial generation grew up. They are now the ripe ages of 25 to 34 and many of them have kids. But this group is worth another look. They’ve long been known to be that spoiled set who is extremely image conscious, but it turns out things have changed.

This group, which has lived through 9/11 and the economic uncertainty of the country, has gotten a little more reasonable and a lot more real. Millennials are becoming less image conscious and shopping the brands that make sense to them — that includes Walmart and Sears and the like. Sure, they’d love to be the Apple purchaser all the way, but with the financial situations many face it just isn’t the right decision. So they’ve moved on. To taking care of their kids and their families and shopping brands that help them do just that. It’s less about what’s cool or what brands provide a certain status or image and more about what helps them get from day to day successfully. All good news for those brands who thought they were out of the game.

A lot of these millennials are raising kids — sometimes as a family and sometimes alone. This new sense of responsibility has driven this group to practicality. The brands that were their favorite before now seem out of touch with price points that don’t match their family budgets. Before kids, brands like Apple, Nike, Sony, and Gap were among the favorite millennial brands. But moving forward to a time with kids and financial concerns, brands like Target, Walmart, and Old Navy are added to that list. Those brands that assumed millennials were out of reach and not a match for their brands probably need to think again. Their mindset is changing and they want brands that fit into their new lifestyle and their ever-changing financial concerns.

Who’s influencing this group? Well, after family, they turn to online resources. That’s right; this group grew up in the age of technology and the Internet so they search and explore and gain insight from this tool. This means brands who are targeting new millennials need a strong online presence. In addition, being able to provide content and answer their questions with the click of a keyboard or swipe of a finger is key. So don’t count out that millennial group. They have grown up, turned over a new leaf, and are ready to shop those practical brands.

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