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Reinventing Greeting Cards
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Being honest: greeting cards need a makeover. Like a full-on, wipe it to the ground and start all over. It’s not that they aren’t serving their purpose anymore, it’s just that they all seem to be the same. There’s no originality, there’s no uniqueness, and the whole process is daunting. Just the thought of walking in a card store to pick out some options can throw any consumer into a tizzy.

The online greeting card space doesn’t get much better. It’s the same designs, barely customizable copy, and a whole lotta time spent searching for the exact card a customer envisions. Finally — yes, finally — there might just be some changes to all this greeting card craziness. Because a new brand is ready to shake things up and bring greeting cards into the 21st century. Thank goodness. Complete with a new process, social integration, and more customization, greeting cards can rejoice. They might just become a loved item once again.

Open Me
, the new greeting card brand, hooked up with Threadless (the ever-popular crowd sourced t-shirt company) to redo this whole “send a special message” thing. With access to unique designers through Threadless, the creative and the copy can now stand apart. This isn’t just a hope, it’s a promise. Threadless designs and creative are voted on by customers so Open Me is able to offer greeting card patrons something that they want — unique designs.

And now the process. This is where Open Me provides some newer options. Customers can truly become part of the creative process. After logging into Facebook they can provide their own caption and message and also send the card around to friends so each of them can sign it and add a photo. Now that’s taking the boring old greeting card and making it more relevant in 2013. The card can then be sent to the recipient or printed for a $4 price tag.

It’s no secret that greeting cards needed a little makeover. They just weren’t feeling very relevant or social for many customers. But with Open Me’s ability to tie in the social integration and truly use artwork that customers have already stated they love, the brand is off to a good start.

Maybe greeting cards can have a new resurgence, one that allows customers to take a more active part in the creation and truly find that card they have imagined. So no more walking down card aisles, aimlessly reading generic copy. Open Me is hopefully providing a more convenient, fun, and relevant option for the greeting card customer.

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