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Spider-Man's Healthy Side
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Last week there was an in-depth view into Disney doing things right; making changes to fix an operational function that didn’t work and ensuring that customers were happy with the brand. One would think Disney would relish in that glory and be quiet for some time, but no; this is Disney. The brand that keeps pushing the limits, testing new things, and forging ahead for future success of the brand. This time it’s in the form of Spider-Man and fruit.

What? Yes. Disney has a line of branded fruit that uses popular characters on the packaging of some healthy snacks. Apple slices, blueberries, grapes, cherries, etc. Disney is promoting the healthy kid through the use of its ever-popular characters. Seems like a far stretch and a bit unnecessary, but the result is actually the opposite. While attracting the kid audience and receiving an approval nod from parents, Disney’s branded fruit is quite successful. So don’t count out any idea this brand has; they make it work. And work really well.

Some may think Disney has gone too far, but the brand is actually answering a very needed request in today’s world. Parents want brands to look out for children’s best interests and promote healthy snack items instead of the sugar-laden ones. So Disney listened, and then it gave parents a helping hand. By using their characters' images, names, and logos on fruit packaging, parents are able to purchase a healthy snack while kids keep at least a semi-smile on their faces. One would think kids are smarter than this, but it’s working and the Disney fruit has been nothing but a success. Maybe because it’s Disney, maybe because this brand has such a strong following, or maybe because the idea just makes sense. Whatever the magical combination, Disney has found a way to bring about a positive message while still creating sales for the brand. That’s a happy family win.

Many times brands need to choose sides. Are dollars more important than image? Is there a needed message that they must ignore in order to create success? It’s very rare that brands are able to combine making sales while supporting a social cause, but Disney figured it out. It refused to believe that it had to pick a side and instead created an option that married the two just so perfectly. That is why Disney is always in the limelight and always followed, and continues to be a success.

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