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Targeting for the Branding Win
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Brands that win are brands that have a great product/service, answer a need in the marketplace, and continuously market to a specific target. Note: targeting females ages 25–45 isn’t enough. Way to narrow it down to a gender, but targeting is much more in-depth than simply choosing female adults. It’s important for brands that want to succeed to understand who their target is, how they behave, what they want, and what they have for dinner. Okay, maybe not the last part, but targeting is specific. It’s a tool that brands can use to ensure how they market makes sense for the target they want to attract. And don’t be mistaken; successful brands can have multiple targets, but each one should be just as defined and understood as the next — no shortcuts.

Demographics: This should be the easiest part of determining a brand target. These are the building blocks brands can use to get a better understanding of what separates their target audience from the population. But start easy. Determine age, gender, geographic area, education, ethnicity, occupation, etc. These characteristics allow the brand to start breaking apart who their product or service will really attract.

Psychographics: This is where it gets a lot more fun. Going more in-depth, brands need to uncover the specific psychographics that make their target audience unique. Is it the experience they are after? Is it social principles that concern this group? Maybe it’s the stature that a certain brand presents. Whatever the specifics, it’s important for brands to truly outline how their target thinks and acts along with what they want in order to create a successful brand. Many times these psychographics are what allow the brand to make certain tweaks and changes to products, operations, or even marketing to ensure a higher level of success.

Get More Specific: There’s no need for a brand to stop targeting simply because it’s checked all the boxes. Instead it’s important for brands to dig deeper and continually define what makes their customers purchase. This can be uncovered through customer insight, company research or even testing multiple products/services. The more a brand focuses on targeting long-term, the more likely the brand will see success today and in the future. So don’t guess; target, specifically.

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