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The Top 100 Beloved Brands
By: ML Haynes
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In an exclusive for AdWeek, Christopher Heine recently shared the results of a global search to discover which brands consumers around the world love the most. Some of the high-post contenders may surprise you, maybe leave you a bit skeptical, but there’s certainly something to learn from this emotional measurement and how well (or not so well) brands are doing in making us feel the love.

Using a proprietary research tool and model, Emotional LinkingSM, APCO Insight reported on the feedback of 70,000 consumers in 15 world markets. Starting with well over 500 of the world's biggest brands, researchers were able to derive the top 100 beloved brands. Perhaps more importantly, they have identified “the eight emotions that are fundamental to effective brand communication” — admiration, approachability, curiosity, empowerment, identification, pride, relevance and understanding — and shown that this emotional engagement and attachment, this love, that predicts consumer choice and loyalty.

Of the 100 top are three well-known brands showcased as particularly well positioned against four key elements — alignment, attachment, authenticity, and advocacy — attributes these researchers believe are directly linked to building strong, stable, and long-lasting consumer relationships. The fourth did not rate amongst the top 100 but nonetheless is cited as notable by the researchers. They are:

Whole Foods Market (ranked 8 of 100): Alignment — a brand/company meeting the expectations of their customers and the marketplace.

The Walt Disney Company (ranked 1 of 100): Attachment — a brand/company creating an emotional connection between their products and their customers.

Ford Motor Company (ranked 00 of 100): Authenticity — a brand/company “aligning its activities with its stated business objectives, and its business objectives with its vision and values.”

Microsoft (ranked 11 of 100): Advocacy — a brand/company supporting customers’ interests and the greater good.

The complete roster of 100 brands and their scores is available on the APCO site.

Which of these top 100 brands surprises you in their ranking? Which align with your own emotional measurement? Is your brand a beloved brand?

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