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Brands & Blogs: Yes or No?
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Everyone has access to all kinds of information today. Brand info, scientific info, topic info, and basically any personal human’s info. That’s a bit scary, but it’s also pretty cool. Anyone — yes, anyone — can start a blog. Sounds like brands should stay far away, but that’s not actually the case. There are many successful blogs that would be a perfect marketing tool for brands. Readers view blogs as more authentic. Many times people prefer the content and respect the honesty of blogs more so than the information they can receive from a company website. Blogs are real, they are able to connect with readers on a level that is comforting to them, and they feel authentic. Quite frankly, blogs have very few rules. There’s no boardroom meeting that determines what topics can and can’t be discussed. There’s no senior management team that wants to proof each post. Blogs tend to create a true personality of a person or group of people and to readers that feels to be exactly what they want.

So how do brands get in? Is it worth it? There's a whole slew of questions to answer and research to complete for brands to know if this route makes sense for a business. First, look at the specific blog itself. Are there some that reach a specific demographic that the brand wants to break into? Is there high engagement with the blog and its readers, making any message this blogger posts seem real and true? Does the blog provide a more authentic look at the brand from a real person instead of an edited marketing message from the company? All of these aspects provide an alternative outlet for brands to engage with customers that is less about company info and more about a real perspective on what the brand can deliver.

But note, signing up with a blog isn’t free. Nor should it be. Many of these blogs have such loyal followers that their words come at a price. It’s also important to understand that ROI can’t be guaranteed. Blog participation should start off as an engagement tactic that potentially develops into something bigger. But engagement is big. It gets one leader talking about a brand with a whole heck of a lot of serious followers listening intently. So don’t write off a blog partnership, but make sure it’s the right blog for the brand. And make this tactic a longer-term relationship that develops over time and can provide an alternate route for brand success.

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