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The Past is Back in Barbershop Form
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Guess what’s back “in?” Everything. That’s right; everything. It seems there’s a bit of a craze, or maybe it’s a trend, where things from decades back are returning with a modern flair and creating just as much buzz as they did in the past. Instead of brands or concepts looking for the next big idea, it seems they are taking a cue from what’s already been successful. With a little updating and a modern twist, these products and services are bringing in customers who remember the old-time version while also being relevant to a new set of customers.

It’s kind of the best of both worlds as there is a good chance of success with a little updating, yet a whole new opportunity awaits with some changes. It’s like taking a really solid foundation and building a new house that will attract traditionalists and modernists alike. An example? The barbershop. The great thing about barbershops is that they produce a lot of nostalgia with the adult demographic; an event they used to partake in with fathers and grandfathers years ago. Now this audience wants to recreate that memory, but with the younger generation in a barbershop that feels 2013. That’s where the past meets the future.

The barbershop has not always been loved. During the 1990s this hair-cutting option was overtaken by salons on one end and the quick, easy, cheap, wait-20-minutes haircut on the other. The barbershop started to disappear and with it went that experience. Until recently, of course, because brands realized that there is still a need and a want for the barbershop experience, just a little better. By creating the male version of the beauty salon, barbershops are reinventing themselves and providing an experience that is more than a great haircut. So it’s not a new invention, a new product or service, but simply updated packaging. One that incorporates the core haircut, but then adds lots of little extras that were missing in the past. That’s why the barbershop is back, just in a newer form.

Barbershops. Who thought this simple idea could prove to be successful in the current world? That’s just the thing — it wouldn’t have been an idea for future success without some repackaging, reinventing, and modern touches. Being able to bring loved products and experiences to the forefront in a new light can prove to be successful for the brand and a happy update for the customer. So don’t count out the old as a way to gain brand success, but instead take a more modern look and see if it might be just what customers want.

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