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Disney Does Customers Right
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Disney is another legacy iconic brand. It brings about happy smiles, happy customers, and tends to do no wrong. How does this brand consistently win with customers and truly live up to its “happiest place on earth” mantra? First, it most definitely isn’t easy. It’s not like Disney has run into decades of luck and simply exists on this happy wave of success. Sure, the brand makes it seem that way, but it also works day in and day out to make sure it delivers everything the customer expects and more.

People idolize Disney as the brand that can truly bring happiness and other brands study Disney to understand how to create such lasting success. And Disney itself? It listens. Like, really listens. When someone identifies an issue or a problem with the brand, Disney goes all out in finding a solution. Its latest task? Overcoming an employee issue where the brand thought it was rewarding its workers and instead found out they were misusing a privilege. And here’s where Disney differentiates — it quickly fixes a problem instead of slowly taking their time pleading it away.

The Today Show unveiled an issue with the Disney brand; one where employees were selling their privilege to skip long lines to customers. This is the ultimate non-Disney action — something the brand would never promote. So what did Disney do? It went on a complete overhaul of their system to ensure they could fix the problem and truly be the Disney brand they talk of. Privilege ID cards now include photos and there’s a kiosk system that has to be used for each ride. This was no easy task, Disney implemented new technology, advanced operations, and put new systems in place all within a couple months. Why? Because it’s Disney and that’s the way the brand continues to see success: by quickly fixing problems and issues instead of ignoring them and hoping they disappear.

It’s refreshing to see Disney take just as much pride in the brand today as it did years ago. This is not a brand that does as little as it can to achieve success. Instead it lives up to its brand identity and ensures the name Disney is always in a positive light. No brand change is easy, especially ones that are unplanned for and cause additional time and money. But Disney understands that making a change for the better, and within a timely manner, is a benefit not only to the customer but to the overall brand. Take a lesson from Disney and when change is needed, do just that: change.

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