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'I Feel Ugly': Market Away
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Brands know how important it is to make sure they target the correct audience for their product or service. By marketing to these customers, there’s a higher chance that the brand will see success. Brands take into consideration when their audience is listening, where they listen, what they want to hear, and how they want to hear it. It’s a mixture of all of these things that creates an algorithm for talking the talk the customer wants to hear. But guess what? Now there’s another part of the equation that brands should factor in when determining how to market their brand — specific days and times of day. That’s right. There’s more opportunity on certain days and more attention paid to various topics based on the time of day. Interesting, right? Confusing as well. But diving a little deeper with the female audience can help certain brands target specific products or specific categories that women want or need to hear about at certain times.

So get this; women feel their worst on Monday morning. Think end of the weekend, back into the weekday routine, yet still feeling sluggish from all that occurred on those two days off. This is the best time for brands to talk about organization, quick beauty fixes, and anything that promotes that “feel your best” message. But this same strategy won’t work as well come the end of the week. This is the perfect time for brands to talk about dressing for the weekend’s activities, with maybe a little more glam, and of course preparing for those fun nights out. If a brand were to swap the days for each of these messages women would feel alienated and probably annoyed instead of interested in what might help them with where they are within their week.

Another little trick for targeting women is time of day. That makes sense; no one feels their best 100% of the time. So brands need to understand that women don’t feel their best when they wake up. Talk about a great time to discuss quick make-up fixes, beauty products to start your day, and ways to improve your morning routine. This research may seem a little too definitive, but it’s actually information that helps brands reach their audience more successfully. The more insight a brand can gain from a customer the more they are able to tailor messaging and when it is delivered. This way women are more apt to latch on and accept instead of ignore.

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