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Coach Moves into a Lifestyle Brand
By: Janet Kalandranis
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There are some brands that have such iconic products that they get stuck being known for something very specific. They might even offer other products and play in other categories (successfully), but their flagship product is the only thing that gets discussed. Coach is one of these brands. Known for luxury purses in a multitude of styles, Coach is the purse brand and nothing more. But, quite honestly, this brand has been producing Coach products in other categories for years, and quite successfully. Customers are buying and Coach keeps creating. That spawned a thought; maybe Coach needs to shift to become a lifestyle brand and start messaging about some of its other popular product lines. This is not to say that purses will take a backseat, but instead they will be joined by some other Coach favorites. Coach is moving to market its complete brand instead of stopping at its first and most well-known product, purses.

A lifestyle brand. That’s what Coach is setting its sight on becoming. This is a brand that encapsulates the whole person and plays in various product categories. It provides diversification and allows customers to view the brand in a new light. Coach is taking this message to the streets by finally talking about multiple product lines — shoes, sunglasses, clothes, etc. Coach can now completely outfit a person, transitioning them from the purse genius to the lifestyle guru. It’s actually about time that Coach demonstrated its full brand to customers instead of hiding behind purses. By providing new messages on other successful products, customers will now look at the Coach brand a bit differently: as a lifestyle brand instead of a purse brand.

But don’t think that making such a big leap is easy. Coach is able to go from a product-specific brand to a category (clothing) brand because it already had these products in its back pocket. For those brands that want to grow and enter new categories, products and services must be created and they have to be successful. Luckily for Coach this was already happening, but the brand wasn’t telling a single customer about its breadth of products. If the messaging can match up to Coach’s products the shift from purse to lifestyle should be challenging, yet quite successful.

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