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In the End the Product Still Needs to Rule
By: Janet Kalandranis
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So this is branding blog. It covers the world of branding and marketing and everything in between. The topics run from strategies to tactics to initiatives and perspective. Today, let’s put that all aside and simply talk product. Why? Because it’s important. Really important. No matter how well thought-out a branding plan is, the product is still the one that needs to create a following. If the product can’t stand up to the marketing and shine like a bright star, then any sort of branding plan is kinda useless. It would seem this should be common sense, but that’s not always the case. There are many brands that have the marketing down to a science but the product or service they are trying to sell simply falls flat. Don’t be that brand. Instead be the brand that demands a following. One that creates a need in the customer’s life that they didn’t know they had before. Be so different, so perfect, that there is no substitute. Basically, be Cinnabon.

Everyone knows Cinnabon’s cinnamon buns are addicting. There is no substitute. This brand rules a specific niche within customers and forces them to eat warm gooey pastries in their car when they otherwise would never dream of such a thing. Cinnabon allows customers to break all the rules. Why? The product is that good. Cinnabon’s pastry is the only mall pastry that seems to fill this specific need and customers crave these little sweets more than they expect to themselves. Cinnabon has figured out a recipe that stands up to that sweet tooth and basically knocks it outta the park. Oh, and then there’s the marketing, which starts with the smell as you walk by the storefront and the warm ovens that radiate just a bit of heat. So yeah, that’s kinda branding too. Really good branding.

What’s commendable about Cinnabon is that the brand really stays true to sweets and pastries. It isn’t offering side salads or a handful of apples, but instead knows that it feeds this specific sweet-tooth need and that is just enough. This allows the brand to focus on its core product, consistently making sure operations, recipes, and ingredients prove to produce the best product possible. A soft, gooey, crave-worthy cinnamon bun.

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