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There’s a Positive Future for the DMV
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Everyone — yes, EVERYONE — has had THAT experience with the DMV. The one where information is confusing, the line is out the door, and it’s a three-trip minimum to accomplish what is needed. Yeah, that DMV. This is a brand in trouble. Yet somehow government brands are given a little more leeway and a little less love when ultimately they need to provide the same help and support as any consumer brand.

It might seem a little odd that government sectors are brands and that money should be spent catapulting them into the new millennium, but it’s worth it. These are businesses with cost centers that directly provide a service for customers. So, yes, they are a brand and they are in need of some major TLC. With a move to digital technology in this world, the DMV is lightyears behind. No fault of its own, but more a matter of circumstances. And yet this is a brand that could see great success from implementing some new technology and providing customers with a little more benefit and a little less confusion. Good news; there’s an agency ready to take on this task and the result most definitely will be a step in the right direction.

So here’s the thing; if a business spends a lot of its time focusing on customer service, it better have a fast, quick, easy way to get tasks done and get customers on their way. Not true of the DMV. The poor DMV; it’s not their fault, as they are government funded. Luckily, someone a little higher up realized that time and money is being wasted on tasks and conversations that really could be as simple as 1,2,3. Enter dollars for an update program and an agency willing to take on the task to get the DMV back to a happy place (assuming that existed at one time). The DMV is a big lesson for other brands; identify what’s holding back success, and figure out a way to make it better. Many times brands simply focus so much on the day-to-day and getting it done that they forget to think about what could be better and what would bring the brand more success.

It’s pulling noses out of the grindstone and really focusing on the core needs of the brand. Is it technology, is it infrastructure, is it product, is it training? These are all valuable components that make up a brand and unfortunately the ones that aren't performing up to standards are the ones customers notice. So don’t hide them, but instead fix them. Sure, it might take time, but little improvements here and there can build toward a bigger dream goal — one where the DMV is a happy smiley place.

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