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Burger King Satisfries Customers?
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Nope, that’s not a misspelling in the title, just a new product name for Burger King. Please hold all laughter until the end. Options are nothing new in the fast-food world. Many brands, Burger King included, have diversified their menus to provide options that keep customers visiting. This means customers can choose the traditional burger and fries or go a little healthier with a salad, some chili, or even apple slices. All of this makes sense — it provides options for customers to let them choose what they’d like to eat. But something like Satisfries is a whole different story. Reminder, this is fast food. Is there really a market for Burger King to attract a certain customer that wants a lower-fat fry? If so, is this target profitable? It seems like Burger King took options to a whole other level and potentially stepped out of the zone...any zone, quite frankly. But it launched the new Satisfry on Tuesday, so just wait and see what the results might be.

Options are good; really good. They provide brands with the opportunity to attract and engage multiple types of customers. Instead of focusing on one specific core audience, brands are able to have segments of customers and offer them what they want and need. Fast food is a great example. The kids want a cheeseburger and fries, but parents want something different and also a little healthier. Sub in a salad for the parent and apple slices instead of fries and all parties seem to be happy. But this Satisfry thing? Not sure this will be as successful. If a customer wants French fries, aren’t they going to want the real thing? Will a somewhat healthier option be appealing? Will it be appealing enough to keep it on the menu long term? Is there really a time and place for Satisfry, one that customers are demanding be fulfilled?

Sure, Burger King is first to market with this healthier French fry option, so if it works they’ll be the winner. But the brand better have some good research and some even better marketing initiatives planned to get Satisfry to a successful level. In order for this product to help Burger King win, it must have a following that continuously craves this Satisfry. For now, though, French fries — the real thing — seem a lot more delectable.

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