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Advice for Entrepreneurs & Brands Alike
By: Janet Kalandranis
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At one point in time every brand was an entrepreneur. That’s when brands start out; their growth period that gets them to success or forces them to dissolve away. Getting to success isn’t easy for any entrepreneur, so when there are some tips provided to make it positive, brands should be all ears. Quite frankly, these tips are great reminders for those entrepreneurial brands and those that have been around for decades. Sometimes a little reminder and little light shining on what’s important can help good brands become great.

Know where to spend time: That’s right, no entrepreneur, brand or person, can do everything all the time. This means there needs to be a conscious decision of what to focus on during specific periods of time and what will make the most impact for the brand. Dabbling in everything and not doing it well won’t prove to be successful at all.

Solve a problem: That might seem obvious, but many times it’s overlooked. Instead of focusing on creating wild and new ideas, set out to solve a problem in the marketplace. Is there a specific industry that receives the same complaint time and time again? Is there a solution to overcome this gripe and make it better for the customer? If so, that’s where any entrepreneur wants to focus their time and energy.

The doing trumps the thinking: Once the idea has been thought out, the work is simply just starting. Brands and entrepreneurs alike need to put ideas into action and create reality from brainstorming discussions. Many times brands will talk about ideas, but until it’s created and implemented, a brand can’t see success.

Break it down: There’s a big idea and now that big idea needs to actually work. Best bet? Take small steps. If a brand can conquer one goal at a time, the bigger initiative will eventually be achieved while ensuring that lessons are learned from each phase. A brand that continuously builds and succeeds is a brand that others will follow.

Highlight the good: Everyone talks about working on those weaknesses, but for this discussion focus on the strengths. What is it that the brand does well and how can it hyper-extend that message out to customers? This might be the best way to go from a liked brand to a loved one.

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Janet Kalandranis is here to give you all the little brand thoughts that run through her head with a little dash of spice. Find her online here.
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