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...But Will it Sell More Burritos?
By: Janet Kalandranis
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In short, yes, but starting from the beginning will probably help this meal become a whole lot clearer. There are some brands that break the rules. In a good way. It’s not that these brands are ignoring the rules or assuming they are too good for rules. Instead, these brands are changing the rules because they're not the best decision for the brand. They create their own rules, live by them, and hopefully see success. Normally when a brand decides to go this route there’s a reason. They aren’t trying to break the rules just to be different, but they have a purpose that forces them to draw outside the lines. Want an example? Chipotle. This shouldn’t be surprising as Chipotle is the brand that doesn’t go for the standard media buy every quarter and doesn’t create those seasonal product promotions. Not at all. Instead Chipotle focuses on the brand 110%. It’s all brand messaging all the time and, for Chipotle, it works. This brand sees success not by pushing products and services, but instead by continuously reinforcing the brand concept. And yes, that does sell more burritos.

Just recently Chipotle released a new online video. It’s 3½ minutes long, it’s all brand content, and it received over two million views in three days. So yes, breaking the rules sometimes makes sense for a brand. Normally in the digital world brands are directed to create short, poignant films that support an initiative. Chipotle didn’t get that message, and it’s kinda good the brand didn’t listen. Chipotle’s new video talks about a larger issue than just the brand. It showcases factory farming and brings light to a topic that seems to be on everyone’s radar. This type of video isn’t new for Chipotle as the brand has been creating really honest, truthful video content for some time, always highlighting why they choose to do business the way they do and what it means for customers.

Some think this video is okay, but really don’t see how it’s going to sell more burritos. Oh, naysayers. Chipotle has had this strategy since its inception, and guess what? The brand is super successful. So yes, it is possible to sell more burritos without focusing on glory shots of the product. It is possible to create a successful brand simply on a strong core brand message. It’s not to say that all brands should ignore the rules, but they shouldn't feel tied to them. Make sure to sell more burritos by highlighting the brand itself.

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