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Inside a Real Social Media Team at Taco Bell
By: Janet Kalandranis
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There’s so much talk about when it comes to social media. Tips, tricks, ideas, how-tos. It’s overwhelming at best. But it’s all needed because this social media game is still uncharted territory. The flexibility of social media and the way it changes from month to month means that there will be never-ending conversations on how brands can grab success from this marketing tool. Know what’s even better? When brands, real brands, dish about how they get it right. There’s something more real when a brand peels away the layers and lets others in. It provides more insight than tips and rules stated by a consultant. That’s why today Taco Bell has decided to give everyone a quick look at how they do social media. How there are no rules, but it’s an ever-changing game that the team tries to learn day in and day out. How refreshing is that? A brand being honest about social media; what’s worked for them last month may not bring success in the next, but they’re okay with that. That’s what makes social media so engaging.

Taco Bell may not be the brand at the top of the social media guru list, but don’t discount it. The brand has a great structure around this medium and places emphasis on communication with its customers. But that’s where all the rules stop. Each day the Taco Bell social media team meets in the morning to discuss new ideas. That’s where the golden nugget lies: ideating on how social media can work for the brand and bring success. There are two aspects to how Taco Bell manages its social media. Half of the strategy is based on longer-term, planned out programs. These are initiatives that Taco Bell creates, implements, and runs via social media. Then there is another side to this social media game. The instantaneous nature of this medium forces Taco Bell (and any brand) to be quick and nimble to play off social media mentions, things that happen in the media, and of course customer ideas. It’s the balance of these two and the emphasis on each that make Taco Bell’s social media team successful in what they do.

Don’t be fooled; Taco Bell is running its social media program on a lean team. But this team understands the ever-changing nature of their job and uses this to be successful. Many times strategies are changed last minute or a relevant tweet produces a whole new idea that needs to be acted upon ASAP. That’s why Taco Bell is successful with social media — the brand is able flow with whatever is thrown their way and work to make social media a benefit, not a hindrance, to Taco Bell.

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