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Where to Get the News? Apps
By: Janet Kalandranis
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The decline in newspaper circulation is old news. With so many online sources, consumers don’t have to purchase a yearly subscription or pick up a copy on the way to the train. Instead, they have the news at their fingertips whenever they want it. And this news is more frequently updated, keeps them informed throughout the day, and is accessible where and when they want it. The conversation used to be all about online news, read via websites that of course are accessible on smartphones. News brands were recreating their sites to detect what type of device a user was reading on and display the news in a format that worked. Perfect; just perfect. Well, for a couple years, anyway. Now news brands have gotten smarter with apps that deliver news to readers, and guess what? Consumers are digging it. Especially the niche news apps on smartphones with people downloading left and right and feeling informed whenever and wherever they might be. This isn’t a passing trend, but one that has grown over the last year or so, forcing news outlets to create those apps and letting consumers download them to their phones. It’s news at its best — accessible.

Now the details. News apps are popular. There it’s stated. About half of mobile news consumers downloaded news apps. That’s a lot of interest in the news in app form. And this should give some indication of just how popular to those news brands that haven’t created one yet. But those that have are seeing success. One that is focused on what the consumer wants and delivering it to them. It’s exciting to see brands evolve and those that understand that what worked even a couple years ago isn’t the same solution to bring success today. Those brands that are able to evolve with the years, grow with their customers, and truly deliver the core product the way the customers want are brands that will continue to be top of the game. But those that sit this one out and take their time deciding what to do are brands that will have missed an opportunity. Unfortunately, customers will have moved on to a competitor and probably won’t look back. They don’t have time to second guess because when the news is involved they want it now and they want it everywhere.

All brands can learn from this news app phenomenon. There’s a fine line between being the first to jump on a bandwagon (or create it) and waiting to make sure that the wagon is actually going to be a success. But unfortunately, many times waiting pushes customers to another brand. If someone else has what they want, they’ll just move over to that brand. Today’s “waiting period” is much shorter for customers and brands need to understand that sometimes taking a risk to gain success is the better option. Sure, all risks won’t produce the perfect outcome, but there’s definitely a benefit to trying. Take customers along for the ride and gain new ones moving forward.

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