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Filling Every Branding Hole
By: Janet Kalandranis
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The strategy is all set, products and services are attractive to the target audience, and marketing is running as planned. Sit back and relax? Not quite. There’s a big gaping hole in what today’s brands need to supply: content. Customers want and expect brands to be able to provide them with consistent messaging, consistent branding, and of course unique messages. All of this is content, and very few brands have figured out a method to consistently deliver content through various aspects of the business. In some sense, content itself is a form of marketing for the brand. It’s communication to the customer and the brand’s name is stamped all over it. Yet there’s rarely a focus around content and consistency because no one person handles content. Maybe the social team works on the blog and the customer service team responds to emails and the annual reports are created by the finance team. With so many different pieces of content being distributed by a brand, there needs to be control over all of these items. A solution? How about a Head of Content Strategy, Creation and Distribution? The perfect answer to create more cohesive branding through all that content.

Most brands today are very much aware of the content they need to produce; everything from customer service emails to unique blog content. Each piece of communication is a representation of the brand and ultimately gives customers a better idea of who the brand is and how they should be viewed. But if no single person is managing all of this content, how can any brand expect that everything is consistent and relays the true brand message? Enter the new position that brands need to employ. A Head of Content Strategy, Creation and Distribution will allow brands to create more cohesive content across the brand so pieces complement each other while being consistent for the customer. By separating out this function, brands are able to identify and focus all the content they deliver, find what is missing, and decide what can be removed. In addition, this new brand person is ensuring that each touchpoint of content that comes from the brand truly delivers the brand experience.

There are a couple options for brands. Ignore this content conversation and move on with business as usual. The result, though, is a brand that isn’t taking advantage of how important content is and using it to deliver success. Those brands that understand the need for content and more importantly how it is managed are those that will outperform other brands. These are the brands that will achieve success because the customer clearly understands the brand through all the content it distributes. Some advice — don’t sit and wait to find that content person. Make it a branding priority.

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