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There’s a New Logo in Town: Yahoo!
By: Janet Kalandranis
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There comes a point in time when every brand needs to update, reinvent, and reintroduce. It’s part of the brand cycle to stay current and relevant to customers and to make sure everything within a brand connects. One of the most common changes a brand can make is its logo. Many times this artwork was created well before the brand hit its stride; it becomes outdated, almost reminiscent of the brand’s beginnings instead of representing the brand as it is today. Even slight changes in logos can make a big difference — updated lettering, a new color, or a more modern shape. These little changes allow the brand to make sure one of its most important marketing tools is working towards the success of the brand instead of simply being a graphic. Which brand is the latest to go through a logo revival? Yahoo, of course. Some are stating they don’t really see that big of a change with the new logo, but once the thinking and logic is exposed the new Yahoo logo truly reflects the brand.

Yahoo’s new logo is a modern reflection of the brand that plays tribute to its beginning. The group that worked on the new design made sure the logo reflected the brand’s personality — whimsical, modern, fresh, and sophisticated. All the lines in the logo have a slight curve; there are no straight lines, as Yahoo wanted to represent the human form (something without straight lines). And the letters themselves were chosen specifically with thicker and thinner portions to relay the subjective and editorial nature of the Yahoo brand. See how everything is connecting back to the brand? Instead of simply focusing on a pretty design, the group took its time to identify what represented the brand most and let this dictate the way the design was crated. It’s important to note that Yahoo didn’t simply throw its old logo by the wayside; instead, the brand specifically incorporated elements into the new logo that were reminiscent of the previous one: the serif font, the playfulness of the OOs, and of course the exclamation point.

Was all this analysis and discovery really worth it if customers don’t notice? Kinda, because a brand needs to be sure that its logo is a true representation of the brand and not a pretty image. Those logos that help customers understand the personality and core of the brand are logos that become more than a graphic. These logos are an important part of the branding strategy and help the brand achieve success. Of course, the logo alone can’t bring in dollars, but without a great logo a brand is sure to miss out on some future success.

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