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Reach Out and Touch Someone (From Afar)
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Many times the simplest ideas are the best. The ones that are fun, easy, and just make sense to anyone who is introduced to the idea. These are the little gems that seem to take off into a whirlwind of success with a crowd supporting it. This goes to show that not all successes come from years and years of planning and ideating, but sometimes come from quick conversations, jokes at a bar, or even a story with kids. These ideas aren’t always the ones that change the world, create a new phenomenon, or make life easier. Sometimes it’s just not that much; it’s simply a good idea that works and people want to be a part of it while it lasts. Today’s idea comes to the world from the tech team at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for a new app the group created. It’s based off the simple idea that many times people are far away yet want to be connected. The team created an app to fulfill that need, and this virtual touch is promoted by a short little film that explains exactly what the app achieves. It’s simplicity at its best.

Goodby’s new app allows people who are far away to simply stay connected with those they can’t see day to day. The app, called Touch Room, allows someone to not only see another person far away but also to touch loved ones. Both parties enter a virtual room and when fingers touch the same spot both phones vibrate. Touch Room basically connects already created technology in a new and different way to create an app that is easy to understand, simple to use, and one that seems many will want to test. It’s not your normal “brilliant” idea, but instead is one that allows the agency to showcase its technical know-how and get some buzz over a pretty fun idea. And sometimes that’s all that consumers want — easy, fun, and accessible.

To promote Touch Room, the agency created a cute little video. It's short, sweet, and simple and allows people to understand exactly what the app delivers. It also showcases the purpose and feeling of the app so people aren’t assuming Touch Room is going to change the way the world works today. The video plays off the emotion of people connecting from afar and is really something everyone can relate to and envision using. This app and this video aren’t going to change the world; heck, they probably won’t even change the way people communicate, but this simple idea is a little gem that provides a little fun in the world of technology.

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