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Almonds Shove Soy Out of the Limelight
By: Janet Kalandranis
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As short as a couple years ago non-dairy consumers were drinking soy milk. It was THE thing to do and really the only readily accessible alternative to dairy. Soy was running the market and reaping the benefits of being the chosen dairy alternative at Starbucks. Fast-forward to today and the story is much different. Soy is not the only game in town and it’s also not the preferred choice. Today’s non-dairy drinker wants what’s cool, hip, and healthy. And right now all the rage is over nuts, meaning almond milk is at the top of its game. Even dairy drinkers prefer this alternative because of what it does and doesn’t offer. But where does this leave soy? Are customers moving on and never looking back, or is there an opportunity for soy to re-brand itself and claim a fair place in the market?

Why almond milk? Well, this non-dairy option has no saturated fat, has fewer calories than good ol’ soy, and it provides a vitamin E benefit. So if consumers are doing all the reading and researching, almond milk is sure to win. But there’s also a trend that plays a part in almond milk’s success. Nuts are all the rage right now with nutritionists and health fanatics boasting the effects of these little gems. In short, nuts are cool. And while nuts are bringing in rave reviews, soy is being linked to breast cancer based on recent research. Realistically, though, soy also hasn’t changed its game since it was the only non-dairy option. The soy brand could use a little facelift, a regeneration to make it relevant and understood by consumers. Maybe some new information and a re-introduction campaign could help soy stake its place within this consumer category.

Many brands suffer from another trend emerging and taking their place. Very few brands can live at the top forever, but it’s still important to determine where and how each brand can see success with new trends emerging and others going by the wayside. By keeping the brand relevant and understood, hopefully soy can reclaim its place on the shelf instead of being pushed behind all those nuts.

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