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Tips for More Creativity: Thinking Backwards
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s hard to be creative on demand. Everyone is always saying “let’s be more creative,” or “find something creative we can do.” That’s a lot of pressure on a brand to create something that no one else is doing and that fits that “creative” bill. And when every other brand is also trying to be creative it’s a tough challenge to find the winning answer and come up with something that everyone else isn’t going to try as well. But maybe being creative needs a facelift. A new light on how to be creative and tips that turn the old way inside out. Brands need to understand that in order to stay creative they can’t be doing what they’ve always done in the past. It’s assumed that the only way to be creative is by having a problem and innovating to create a solution to that problem. Truth be told, that’s only one way to be creative. What if brands started at varying points and used this as inspiration to create something new and different? Success — creative success. Here are some ideas on how to continue being creative by making sure the process isn’t the same time and time again.

Start with a Solution: Don’t be scared, just give it a try. What if creativity came from turning the process on its head? Brands take solutions (products or services) and use this as the impetus for coming up with something new and creative. This is basically the opposite of what every brand has been taught, but maybe changing up the sequence will provide new insight and thought into what is needed.

Remove Something: If brands start with a product or service and remove a piece of it, maybe there’s a way to creatively come up with a solution for that part. In the simplest example, think of a modern-day computer with speakers built inside the technology. Now think back to computers from ten years ago and the need for speakers that plugged in. By taking away an option or a feature, many times creativity provides an alternate solution that customers just can’t live without.

Two for the Price of One: Creativity can come from giving one product or service multiple jobs. Customers love when they can buy one item and it serves multiple purposes. So instead of trying to create something new, what if brands used their creativity to make one item work harder? Body lotion that smoothes and firms skin at the same time — creativity at its best.

It’s important for brands to not get stale in their creativity process. Sometimes simply shifting the steps or taking an alternate look at things helps create something that otherwise is overlooked.

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