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Oreo Jams Relevancy & Flexibility
By: Janet Kalandranis
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The world can’t get enough of Oreo and quite truthfully the brand is owning 2013. It’s almost like Oreo figured out this magic equation and is using it to create new brand success for a product that has been the same for years and years. It’s truly magical and it’s exciting to watch. It gives other brands the opportunity to learn from a company that is making sure it stays successful no matter how or why the world changes. When looking at all the data there is no reason for Oreo to be successful. They’re not healthy, they’re not gluten-free, and they aren’t all natural. There’s really disaster written all over the Oreo brand for future success. But instead Oreo decided to make sure the inevitable didn’t happen and it continued to create a relevant and loved brand and product. It put a driving force behind being the brand of 2013 and made sure to take followers along for a taste.

So what has made Oreo so successful this year? What are those key things that have helped the brand get into the spotlight instead of simply doing the same old thing? Part of the recipe for success is Oreo's relevancy and flexibility. The brand has taken the time to associate and connect with various different audiences and in multiple media. There’s a focus on young kids and parents, there’s a focus on social media gurus, and now there’s a focus on that teenage crew that is so tough to attract. Oreo released a YouTube video of Chiddy Bang’s “Wonderfilled” that is a remake of the song set to promote the cookie and grasp the attention of viewers. Sure, it’s not the first brand to release a remake of a song to promote a product, but Oreo has executed this one to target a specific audience. It’s just enough to grab some brand followers but not so much that it alienates another audience for Oreo. And that’s just it; Oreo has taken this year to find ways that it is relevant for various audience segments. These don’t tend to be long, drawn-out initiatives but instead are quick hits to engage customers and increase the love for the brand.

Many times brands create a strategy and are so strictly tied to that plan that they forget to expand their view. Sometimes this plan works, but many times it cuts the brand off from additional success. Oreo has realized that in order to increase its place in the brand world it needs to be flexible. This doesn’t mean Oreo loses its core brand, but instead it finds ways to promote its core brand that work in various scenarios and attract different audience segments. So yes, Oreo is a topic of 2013 and it’s one to watch closely, because the brand continues to gain success with each video, each tweet, and each strategic plan it implements. Go ahead, take a bite!

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