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Turning Tea into a Habit
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Guess what? There are some people that don’t have coffee in the morning. (It’s okay, keep breathing). These people have tea. But not just any old Lipton tea, because there’s now a whole market of tea connoisseurs. It’s like the coffee craze that has really brought attention to brews and beans and the like, but this time it’s for tea. And a brand that holds this tea drinker's attention is DavidsTea. This brand is putting tea on the map one location at a time and with a forceful yet gentle online presence. It’s amazing to think that with all the hype about coffee the same following is being created around tea. And it’s just as complex, if not more, but also promises to be a successful business venture. From the amount of tea offerings to accessories and of course online memberships. DavidsTea is a brand that has taken this love of tea and provided its followers with the ability to engage more with it. It’s a brand success for the tea-loving world.

The talk has always been about coffee. When Starbucks came on the scene it created a reason for and the habit of coffee. And every year since, consumption of the dark stuff has grown. But the same is true for tea. For those non-coffee drinkers there is a matching group of tea-lovers. Those who put the same importance on that morning cup, but it happens to be tea and not coffee. Sure, there have always been tea brands, but many think of these as the classics found at the grocery store — Lipton, Bigelow, and the like. What DavidsTea does differently is it brings the specialty of tea to tea lovers. It educates, it produces flavors that can’t be found from a carton at the grocery store, and it brews the best tea in a variety of categories. Instead of leaving the tea industry status quo, DavidsTea is giving followers a reason to be obsessed with tea just as much as coffee drinkers are with their daily cup.

It’s interesting how while the world was following along on this coffee craze, tea was making a quieter, yet just as successful, impact. The tea industry is doing the exact same thing that the coffee industry provides for its customers, just with a different product. And with brands like DavidsTea it gives customers a reason to become more engaged with the “tea” product, purchase more, and of course become obsessed with that morning cup — of tea, of course.

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