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Mrs. Meyer's Big Brand Idea
By: Janet Kalandranis
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There are SO many brands out there. Too many to count and too many for them all to be a success. But every so often a new brand comes about with a solid, well-thought out idea and it works. It’s not like it isn’t hard work. There’s strategy and research and branding and operations and it all has to come together seamlessly. So it’s no wonder that many brands don’t hit the success line; it’s no walk in the park. But then it’s always inspiring to talk about the brands that do. Little Mrs. Meyer's isn’t so little anymore; it is a brand that resonates with many people. It started on the simple idea that cleaning products should smell good but not contain harsh and dangerous chemicals. Easier said than done, but by taking the time and figuring out a solution this brand has made it work. Why and how? Distribution, basic product premise, and of course relevancy. These three combined created an equation that helped Mrs. Meyer's become that loved cleaning brand when no one ever thought they could love cleaning products.

DistributionMrs. Meyer's clearly had a strategy before selling its products. It knew it didn’t want to be available everywhere, but instead select retailers that complemented the Mrs. Meyer's brand. Sold at places like Whole Foods, specialty stores, and Target, Mrs. Meyer's is able to create a brand that is a little more upscale than the Clorox you can find anywhere. Sure, it would probably have been easier to simply distribute everywhere, but there’s something to be said for making distribution specific to uphold the Mrs. Meyer's brand message.

Product – When an idea is makes sense and it can be created in real life, there’s a good chance the brand will see success. Mrs. Meyer's has a solid product that is very specific and definitely something that filled a need in the all-natural cleaning department. The brand was started at a time when there were very few options for all-natural cleaning products, so the brand made sure to deliver. Instead of simply going all natural, Mrs. Meyer's wanted the smell to replicate a garden. So the brand took that great idea and made it work, and now it sees success.

Relevancy – Customers WANT all-natural products. They're everywhere these days and Mrs. Meyer's is able to provide customers what they want. The products are something that customers are interested in, searching for, and of course purchasing. This relevancy helps Mrs. Meyer's build success and truly break through the clutter of the cleaning-product world. If the brand can continue to stay relevant and grow with its customers, then the Mrs. Meyer's success will be long lived.  

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