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Wendy’s and Its Pretzel Bacon Burger
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Food Week has been fun, no? To round out the branding topics within the food world, this one is big. It’s a burger with bacon on a pretzel bun. It doesn’t get much tastier than this. And it’s all brought to us by Wendy’s, the brand that stood in the shadows of McDonald’s and Burger King for some time, but is now taking center stage. Wendy’s is forcing its competitors to do something different, to up the taste ante, and to make it anything but expected. Even more so, Wendy’s is going back to branding basics with a little bit of modern thrown in. Please sit down for this.

Wendy’s is using a classic 360 marketing campaign to support the launch of its pretzel bacon cheeseburger. This means all outlets will be touched from TV to billboards, celebrity endorsements to social media. Instead of placing the focus on one specific outlet, Wendy’s decided to go all-out and really support the product launch through pieces that complement each other and hopefully create a burst of success for the brand. It’s a little traditional, but a lot more modern than expected.

When looking at fast food, much of the focus has been around healthier items that are still quick and easy for the customer. Well, Wendy’s is balancing its salad and smoothie offerings with a classic turned 2013. A bacon cheeseburger on a pretzel bun is gutsy, but someone in the fast-food category had to break the mold and create something a bit different. Things were getting a little stale, there was a lot of copying going on, and in order for Wendy’s to be looked at as a leader instead of a follower it needed something new. And the brand plans to put 100% focus behind this product launch by using various types of media and having them all work together. It’s not just simple promotion, but instead the brand is asking customers to help out. With a Twitter campaign using Nick Lachey as the celebrity endorser, Wendy’s will compile customer tweets and create a video to debut in August. It gets the brand involved, it gets customers involved, and it puts pretzel bacon yumminess burger in the spotlight.

It’s nice to see that brands are still capable of multi-arm campaigns; those that use different tactics to create a bigger success for the brand. Wendy’s is smart with its strategy by understanding that it needs all eyes on this message and it needs to do it in a compelling and more modern way. And the product the brand chose to do it for is perfect. It demands attention, it’s new and different, and it will get customers talking. Perhaps the same campaign for a smoothie would fall flat, but a burger on a pretzel bun? Well that’s something to talk...and eat about.

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