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Timing + Quality = Success
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Let’s continue on this fast-food conversation that started on Monday. In fact, maybe this week will be completely dedicated to branding within the food world. How delicious is that? Today’s topic is not new; it definitely something that has been discussed before, but it’s another example about timing and its effect on a brand. Timing may not be EVERYTHING, but it sure is close. Specifically in the food world — fast food, to be exact — the introduction of products and the launch of seasonal menus are specifically attributed to certain timing. All of this timing isn’t simply connected to dates, but instead is a process of when the best possible product or service will be available. Let’s talk Chipotle. That brand name screams quality. This isn’t fast food that hasn’t thought through all the moving parts. So when this brand makes an announcement and launches something new, customers listen. They don’t turn their heads, they actually go in and try the product. Why? Because it’s timing and quality at its best.

Chipotle is a fast-food brand that continuously re-writes the rules in the category. From sourcing to product quality to a select number of options, the brand is focused on providing the best-of-the-best instead of delivering everything on a plate. The brand has made its mission synonymous with providing quality food at a more affordable price. Oh, and it’s convenient and easy and it tastes delicious. All these reasons are why the brand hasn’t yet introduced a tofu option to its menu. The brand wanted it to be up to Chipotle’s standards and reflect the quality of the rest of the menu. So it waited and tested and is still going through this process. Chipotle is finally launching its tofu option in its Pacific Northwest locations, gauging the reaction and feedback from its customers before it goes national.

It all comes back to the quality of the brand and creating success. Chipotle wants to ensure it has the correct product and the correct sourcing to make this menu item available in all its locations. So instead of rushing the process to make a date, the brand is doing what it does best: letting quality pave the way.

It’s not uncommon for brands, especially in the fast-food industry, to follow specific timing with product introductions and seasonal menu changes. But Chipotle is a brand that consistently makes a different statement; one that showcases its differentiation and one that leads to happy customers and ultimately success.

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