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Fridays = Fun = Ice Cream = Brand Win
By: Janet Kalandranis
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To state a fact, any brand that is serving up ice cream this week is probably winning. Especially in those heat-wave states. Ice cream quite honestly is the business any brand wants to be in, interact with, or support this week. So when the opportunity comes along to participate, jump in. Or even better, don’t wait for an opportunity to be handed over and instead create one to be part of that winning group. It would have been smart back in the winter and spring to create a mini-campaign around the heat of summer. And then when the weather station made the warnings, let loose on the idea and soak in the rays of summer success. All because a little ice cream was served.

Uber clearly has been planning this ice cream campaign for some time. The brand is launching a program today allowing customers to request an ice cream truck to their current location. All for $20, customers receive up to six ice creams and Uber-branded gear. It’s a smart idea for the mobile-app company that allows customers to reserve cars for hire. And what’s even smarter is how Uber decided to include three new markets in the ice cream campaign using this summer-time dessert as an ice-breaker for the brand. What a cool way to introduce a brand into a completely new market. And the brand is probably going to receive some instant followers and brand adopters because of a happy ice cream campaign.

Branding talk always includes relevancy; how to be the brand to provide relevant information, products, or services when customers need and want them. Part of this relevancy conversation isn’t about luck, but instead planning for situations that might be applicable to the brand. For instance, seasons, weather, holidays, trends, etc. These things are bound to happen and they provide an opportunity for brands to create relevant campaigns and programs. Any brand that can pre-plan gives itself the opportunity to succeed in the relevancy game. And customers appreciate that the message being delivered is the one they want to hear at that moment. So it may not always be ice cream, and it might have been that Uber lucked out with timing, but the idea to be relevant is one that can be waiting on the sidelines ready to be used when the time is right.

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