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Little Things = Big Impact
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Customers are impressed easily. A thank-you, a kind letter, a discount coupon. But it’s those little items that when not expected from a brand really throw the brand engagement into high gear. Customers want to be noticed by brands, they want to be called out, and they want to feel special. And they don’t care if everyone feels special along with them, as long as each one can brag to their friends and family about what some brand did and how it was ONLY for them. When these little things are creative and unexpected, the result is usually that much more brand happiness from the customer. So what does it do for the brand? It creates a more attached customer, one that will scream from the highest building, tell everyone they know that this brand rocks. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what all brands want — a little cheer from a happy customer to show how cool they are?

Customer service is a great place for brands to really “get it right.” It’s about satisfying the customer and answering questions, but also about making sure the experience is one they will remember. There are iconic customer service brands that years back started to bring the scary corporate world into a friendly light because there were actual people to talk to, issues were resolved, and it all seemed so easy for the customer. Southwest Airlines, Starbucks — these are brands that don’t leave customer service as an afterthought, but actually understand the importance of making it top-notch to keep customers happy and to differentiate themselves from the competition. And it works.

Now there’s another brand to talk about. Spotify, the online music brand that went above and beyond in saying "thank you." Instead of the normal generated email, the brand created a song out of existing songs with lyrics that let the customer know they appreciated them. This is time and effort, but the effect went a long way. The customer gave Spotify some positive feedback and the brand didn’t want to let this go unnoticed, so they took some time and thanked her in a way that stood out from all the clutter. What did the customer do? She basically shouted from the rooftops in astonishment and excitement. Except her rooftop was social media, and that is a brand win that no business can pay for.

It’s not clear whether Spotify does this type of custom song thank-you for others, but either way, it’s impressive, it makes a lasting impression, and they are creating brand enthusiasts for life.

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