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KitchenAid has Gone Digital, Finally
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Iconic products and brands are branching out! Instead of sticking with what worked, oh, 94 YEARS AGO, brands are embracing newer technology for more success. It’s a happy day. And it makes a whole lot of sense. There are certain brands that waited a bit to get on the digital bandwagon, assuming that their current success would be enough to move from year to year. But finally these brands are taking a new look with fresh eyes and they want in. Many appliance brands that hold the top spots in their specific category are realizing that digital will help increase that brand engagement and ultimately let the brand interact with customers in a new way. And these brands are able to push new products by using digital to showcase more than what customers already know. Digital formats allow for longer-length videos, blog content, and communication between followers. So yes, digital and KitchenAid are now getting along.

KitchenAid is best known for its mixers. Yes, the ones that are seen on every kitchen show, on every wedding registry, and literally ooze baking excitement with all of their color options. KitchenAid many times simply equals stand mixer. And the brand is okay with that. But it also wants more. It wants customers to know that KitchenAid can help as cooks and bakers challenge themselves to do more. It’s providing inspiration and content and a forum to celebrate kitchen challenges and being the resource to use when questions need to be answered. And this digital campaign also allows KitchenAid the ability to showcase its full depth and breadth of products. Not just baking essentials, but cooking tools as well. Of course, the focus will start with that iconic stand mixer, but digital allows KitchenAid to showcase in a very real way exactly how the brand can help in the kitchen. For every meal, for every day, and for every family.

It’s nice to see successful brands coming around to the digital scene. And continuing to lead, but in a new and revolutionized way. It allows customers the ability to connect with the brand online (if they choose) and creates a presence for the brand that allows it to still be that cooking/baking expert. KitchenAid could have stayed in its offline world and probably would have still continued on its successful path. But adding in this new digital realm ensures that the brand can compete with online competitors by baking up some new excitement, engagement, and hopefully sales.

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