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Little Caesars Played Us All: Social Media Score
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s Wednesday, the middle of the week, and everyone needs a little humor. So today’s topic includes a little pizza, a little relevancy, and a whole lot of fun. In the social media space, of course. Much of the social media strategy that is seen today includes well-thought out plans that feature viral pass-along and ultimately build to a larger goal. There are months of planning and various pieces that create this overarching strategy, all delivered via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. But then there are those little wins. And by little, this means little time and money invested that also creates product engagement and a win for the brand. These may not be the tactics that produce increased success, but they get talked about, customers notice, and it’s ultimately a little win with a whole lot of character. And sometimes that’s all customers need.

Little Caesars is congratulating itself this week, as it should. With a little funny social media win the brand was able to get some attention, get noticed, and also tout their famous pizza. Last week this funny brand did a little Oreo-like stunt and went viral. Little Caesars asked its followers to set off fireworks in support of its deep dish pizza. And guess what? Customers listened. Or maybe it was July 4 — not totally sure, but the brand is using this funny ploy to its benefit. Little Caesars released a video that thanks its customers for the over 800 million fireworks set off on July 4 in honor of its pizza. It’s ridiculous and it’s hilarious, but it’s also being passed along and viewed, making this little tactic a success.

Everyone knows the fireworks were for the holiday and not Little Caesars — heck, the brand even knows that. But let’s give this pizza maven some credit because it created this little campaign and figured out a way to make timing and relevancy work for the business. It’s not taking itself too seriously and not over-thinking the strategy, but simply giving some attention to its pizza. And this allows the brand to have a starting point to continue talking about its deep dish pizza and to engage customers through its easy and humorous efforts. The only fail would be if Little Caesars assumed this little funny ploy was enough to keep customers interested. Instead it needs to take the success of this mini-campaign and create additional touchpoints to get that pizza love out there. But still keep it funny, keep it light, and make sure it focuses on that core product.

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