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Snail Mail & Social Media Unite
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s a beautiful thing when the best of two worlds can collide and create something that’s a bit perfect. And Hyatt House is testing out a little perfect through the new Postagram capability on Facebook. This takes the personalization and customization of direct mail and combines it with the ease, accessibility, and the viral nature of social media to create a marketing tool that fits the hotel business model. It lets customers be a bit creative and connect with friends and family while Hyatt is able to market without being so “in-your-face” about it. By connecting the two mediums, the best of each can be highlighted and used to the benefit of the brand. This combination also allows each medium to expand beyond what it’s known for and bring about a new way of marketing for brands. It’s like two friends holding hands — except this time it's snail mail and social media.

From now through August 15, Hyatt is testing out Postagram to see what benefit it brings to the brand. And it’s also putting a lot of its marketing process in the hands of the customers. Lodgers are able to upload a photo, add a personal message, and essentially set up mailing and printing to get a customized postcard to someone while they are away. It’s letting customers bring the Hyatt fun and joy to others without it even feeling like marketing. Imagine a fun personal message via a postcard that happens to be created through the Hyatt brand. And with the lack of actual “fun mail” these days, it’s the perfect time for this hotel brand to stand out from the crowd and do something different.

And these postcards aren’t just a fun mix of mail and social media capabilities. They actually create a branding vehicle that extends the reach of a branding message beyond current customers. It’s being visible, it’s being recommended by someone they know and trust, and it’s definitely a bit different from what other brands are doing. It’s not personalized content from the brand, but from a friend. And when friends talk, people listen. When brands talk it feels promotional. The difference that Postagram brings is one where customers are talking to each other instead of brands sending direct messages to potential buyers. It’s like everyone is holding hands.

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