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Marketing Sense: Who Has It?
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It seems a little silly to simply state that marketing should make sense. Duh, right? But it should make sense — to a brand, the customer, the world, and everything that goes along with that. But sometimes what makes sense and is the most simple idea gets overlooked. There are so many options and tactics for brands to use, making it hard to focus on what’s important, what’s now, and what makes sense. But taking a step back and being integrated in the world should help a brand understand what will work for the business — it’s marketing sense, folks. This means there’s opportunity for brands in what they are already doing and what happens around them. Remember on Wednesday, when DOMA was overturned? Yeah, that’s big news, but it can mean an even bigger opportunity for those brands that are already marketing equality and quite honestly today’s life. So who jumped at the chance to join in and how did they make it work for them?

Marketing sense was all the rage for certain brands that were already promoting today’s world. MasterCard and ABC Family were quick to scoop up Promoted Tweets around the #gaymarriage hashtag. And not because it’s cool and it’s the thing to do, but because it’s marketing sense for these brands. MasterCard is currently promoting a Twitter-based NYC Pride sweepstakes. So when the brand heard the news it knew it couldn’t keep quiet. It needed to take this opportunity and market around what it had already started. And ABC Family is getting set to launch its summer pilot, The Fosters, which documents an interracial lesbian couple. So yeah, for them it was marketing sense as well.

Does this mean that all brands need to jump on purchase Promoted Tweets? NO. Repeating again, NO! The idea here is to understand that when an opportunity exists that makes sense for a brand they must take it. No, the brand can’t wait and no it can’t be forced — but when it works the brand will know and it needs to act fast. There are too many brands that market something just because “everyone else is doing it,” and what does that achieve? Pretty much nothing. Maybe a mention here or there, but there’s no true benefit. Brands need to identify what their focus is and understand what opportunities exist that are marketing sense. It’s common sense all wrapped up in the marketing world.

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