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Vine was Good, Instagram Video is Better
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Just stating a truth. Instagram brought its A-game with video, and it’s probably going to win. Not that there was a contest, but if we’re all honest, Instagram’s solution is just a bit more what the world and brands want. So yes, it wins. This whole social media thing started with words, then it was pictures and images, and now it’s all about video. This week Instagram launched its video capability, which knocked the socks off of users. Because instead of Twitter’s Vine app, which only allows for six seconds of footage, Instagram upped it to 15. Yes, 15! That means brands now have the capability to use this sneaky little tool in a way that works in their favor. And don’t think that brands are waiting for any best practices because there are a slew of brands that have already started filming. See, that’s the thing with this capability; it’s not meant for produced footage, but instead little snippets of brand personality — 15 seconds of that personality, though, not just six.

So remember back in the day (aka months ago) when Facebook bought Instagram? Well, that’s kinda how everyone’s favorite picture-sharing social media tool was able to now launch video. With a technology powerhouse like Facebook, the possibilities grew and the world ended up with video. And it was a smart move, too — because now brands are able to latch on to Instagram a bit more and showcase who they are through 15 seconds of film. And why is this better than six? That’s a teeny bit too short to create any engagement, but 15 — that seriously opens up a whole new world for brand video. It’s a little touch of the brand, a little explanation through scenes, and it leaves the viewer wanting more (granted, they have to be engaged).

The best part is that brands are already testing the waters. Burberry, Lululemon, Love Grown Oats — they’ve already tested what Instagram videos can do. No, they didn’t have board meetings and create scripts, they just simply filmed. And that’s the hope with this new capability; that brands will see the need and want for simpler, more artsy, authentic film. This isn’t simply a :15 TV spot pulled online, it’s much different than that. Because Instagram isn’t where consumers go to see the next ad; it’s where they go to see the inside of a brand, the stock room, the employees, and the crazy things that happen day-to-day in images. Guaranteed, any brand that tries to make Instagram videos too promotional or too ad-like will lose followers in seconds. Instagram video is supposed to push brands to try new things, get a little more connected, and share a whole lot more fun. Start recording!

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